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You are cordially invited to participate in the celebration of the evolution of human consciousness with your ideas. Our hearts and mind had been awakening a long time, and now we are entering into the most exciting period of our historical experience.

Just like the Web on which you read these words, we are uniting into a global cultural entity with a new total awareness. As each one of us throughout the planet awakens to this, we create a new paradigm for what our future will hold. As more aware beings spread their ideas, the future we build can be a very exciting place to be into the new Millennium.

Write as you like. All your ideas and feelings are valid, on any topic or aspiration, even graffiti. Once you are happy with your  results, save your words into the People's Book Forums, where they will remain as a permanent testimony to who you are. Browse through Habeas Mentem if it helps, but use the ideas there as a platform for expressing your own views.

SCRIPTORIUM -They Wrote the Book of Kells is now available from iUniverse Books Barnes & Noble Books, Amazon.com, in hardcover, softcover, and e-book (includes Kindle) formats. Please watch this space for release updates. Thank You.

All ideas are welcome!
Ivan Alexander

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